Tie Me Up!


(Zaful top, H&M high-waist jeans, Madewell slippers, Marc Jacob purse)

I got this top from Zaful, an Asian website, I saw on one of Facebook Pop-Up Ads. I was thrilled at how inexpensive and cute the clothes are, so I placed my order immediately. Well let me warn you, the items did not arrive until about 3 weeks later and the product nor quality didn’t really match up to the image. I was quite disappointed with the details and how cheap the fabric was, but I decided to give this top a try anyway. Heck, I already paid for it. It does look really cute for afar, but I wasn’t thrilled about the fit or the construction of the top.

I definitely still have mixed feelings about these online websites we’ve been seeing on Facebook Ads. I might try a different brand and save on trendy items, but I believe it is wise to splurge on investment items that will be around for a long time. The decision is up to you, but I personally don’t think it’s realistic to splurge on every items in your closet.


– kritsida.



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