Hello Braless!


(Brandy Melville top, UNIQLO high rise jeans, H&M boots)

I’ve been quite into braless tops lately. It’s definitely a weird feeling at first, but it’s such a liberating and empowering feeling. My purpose of this blog is to dress however you want, free from judgements of others. I know braless tops were the things that freed me from caring about others, what’s yours?


– kritsida.



4 thoughts on “Hello Braless!

  1. First off, that top is gorg. I’d put on this outfit myself. Secondly, being braless is so relaxing haha. And lastly, unfortunately only certain places don’t give off the uncomfortable (& even unsafe) feeling. Well, that’s just me. I’m glad that you’re now free 🙂
    X, Mirel

  2. i’m so doing that next summer! unfortunately I can’t right now because it’s starting to get cold in ny 😉 you look gorgeous ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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