They’re Real! Review


I’m a fan of voluminous eyelashes and bold looks without the weights of false eyelashes. I love how fake eyelashes look, but I do not enjoy lifting weights with my eyelids, and to be quite honest, I don’t know how to apply false eyelashes on without glueing my eyelids together. When I first discovered Benefit They’re Real! mascara, I was in love. It plumped my eyelashes and gave me the voluminous look I always wanted. I would sometimes apply a double coat if I wanted to wear minimal makeup and go for the natural look. Let’s just say, I’ve been loyal to this mascara the entire year.

When Benefit announced They’re Real! eyeliner, my friend was the person who convinced me to give it a try. I was excited to discover how pigmented it is and the gel texture that smoothly applies to my lids. However, after multiple usage I noticed that it would always smear on my top lids. The color does not fade throughout the day, but I would have to constantly clean off the residue, which is a bit annoying since the product does not come off easily. It’s a shame that the product didn’t work out like I’d expected because I really like how it creates my sharp cat-eye look.

The They’re Real! makeup remover was given to me as a sample when I purchased the eyeliner. The lady at Benefit convinced me that the eyeliner would not easily come off with all makeup removers. This was not true because I found that my daily Sonia Kashuk makeup remover removes the product better than the They’re Real! makeup remover did. It was a cream texture so right off the bat, I wasn’t a big fan of it. It didn’t completely remove my makeup, but I like the size of it and I would probably use it when I travel.


I hope this review helped. I wish I did a few more research on the products before I made the purchase because they’re not the most affordable items to always splurge on.



*I was not sponsored by any company for this review.


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