Strolling in the Blazing Sun

IMG_5696IMG_5702 IMG_5700IMG_5695

top & pants: H&M, sandals: threadsence, belt: American Apparel, backpack: Coach

Thailand is beyond hot and going anywhere means walking or public transportation. I believe that you can still be comfortable and fashionable without having to look like a bum. It’s easy to pair these loose drape pants with some crop tops, accessories and a pair of flat platform sandals. The key to wear heels for an occasion with a lot of walking is to wear a chunky flat platform because it gives you height without the uncomfortable slope of your feet. These sandals were my go-to pair, but I’m sad to say that the sole is tearing from all the usage 😦 I’m on the hunt for a new pair, so let me know if you have any recommendations! What’s your comfortable go-to outfit?

Adventure is out there!




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