Dress: sister’s closet, Heels: Marshalls, Purse: Thailand, Lipstick: MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Although Friday was two days ago and today is nearly the end of my weekend, I think the way you start off your weekend sets the tone for the next few days. Last Friday consisted of a much needed break and a massive diet cheat day. More importantly, it’s fun to have a reason to get dressed and go out. I found this simple dress with some cool jeweled cuffs in my sister’s closet and decided I had to borrow it. I paired it with a nude/ black heels to add height to this sort of boxy dress. And since the dress is so creamy, it’s fun to play around with any lip colors I’d like. What are your favorite things to do on a Friday night?

Live young and stay fun.

– k.

p.s. to see what I did on Friday night, go to my instagram @kritsida_k  (:


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