DIY Clutch #2 Spray Paint

IMG_5537 IMG_5539

Home Depot Spray Paint, Scotch Masking Tape, Thailand Leather Clutch

This was my first time attempt to decorate a leather clutch with spray paint. I had the intention of making this for my friend’s birthday, but I had some success as well as unexpected failures along the way. Here’s why.


I first used masking tape to tape down areas that I wanted to spray paint.


My original idea was to only spray paint the bottom, but mistake #1 not taping down the newspaper to the unwanted area. Therefore, paint misted to the top half and left me painting that area as well.


This was the finished product, and I later added some studs to the strap (see DIY Clutch #1) However, mistake #2 not checking if the spray paint is compatible with leather material. The paint left the clutch really sticky although it is done drying. I’m not sure if it’s because the type of spray paint that I bought or that I’m missing a finishing spray. But the purse came out pretty darn nice though!


This is some of my DIY gift ideas, including the mustache mug I made awhile ago. DIY gifts are the most thoughtful and intimate gifts in my opinion. And I tied along the gift with some of her favorite products to personalize it even more.

If anyone can help me solve the mystery of how to get rid of the stickiness, please comment below! I hope this DIY gave you some ideas or inspiration to seek your own DIY projects, or even to help you learn from my mistakes.

Happy Monday!

– k.

instagram: kritsida_k

YouTube: aperfectcanvas


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