Nail Stickers Tutorial


IMG_4708I was always intrigued by these decorative nail stickers, but I’ve always been timid of them since our first encounter 3 years ago. I didn’t place it straight and I had the biggest trouble getting rid of the excess on the sides; however, seeing these cool nail designs, I’ve decided it was worth to give another try.


They normally come in a packet with 10 stickers, but for some reason this one has 12 maybe it’s incase you make a mistake.


After matching the appropriate size for each sticker, I used a nail file with the sharp ends to  tuck in the sides. Make sure you flatten it out before snugging it in.


The rest is to get rid of the excess stickers. The top part is really easy to take off but the sides are the hard part. I tried filing the sides, but that just left me with cuts and pain on my skin. What I found really useful was to tuck the edges in tight enough, almost like slicing it with a knife. It’s definitely a lot less painful than filing the sides.


So this is the finish product, and I think it turned out pretty well. If anyone has any suggestions for a better way to get rid of the sides, please leave me a comment below! I would also like to say thank you to my sister for modeling this entire tutorial for us.




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