Back to School: College Edition

Presentation Day


Presentation days are nerve racking enough that I hate to even think about what to wear. However, professors expect us to look put together after restless nights and unfortunate events that seem to occur right before it is due. Which is why I tend to lean towards the classic mid-lenght skirt and a breezy cardigan to keep the look simple, but still gives it a pop of color. I recommend wearing a belt to create a clean look and maybe wearing flats to avoid any mishaps!

The Free-Spirited Student



Jeans and tank tops are the essentials for the college life. It’s quick and simple, but it doesn’t mean you have to look like a slob. I feel like college is the time for people to discover themselves and experiment with all the different styles without people judging you. Today is my first day of senior year, and I am overwhelmed at how amazing this journey has been. It wasn’t an easy ride, but I’m so grateful to be the person I am today. I’ve learned to ignore all the negativity that so many people have in this world, because in the end, none of it matters.

Enjoy every bit of it.

– k.

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