Back to School: High School Edition

The Sweet Freshman  



My first day as a freshman entering high school was full of nerves and excitement. I remember shopping for a whole new wardrobe and throwing away all the ugly school uniform from elementary school. Picking an outfit for the first day of school is something I think most people can relate to. I wanted to keep this outfit sweet and innocent, just like how I view all the new incoming freshman.

The Athletic Junior


I remember my junior year consisted of sports and only sports. I wanted to dress casual and effortless, but with an edge to my look. I think this jacket closely replicates the letterman jacket athletes love to wear in high school, and it gets so cold in the classroom that it’s always handy to have one around. The crop top and the Nike SB sneakers really give that boyish/ girl look. These are just what I would wear if I could go back to high school again, but feel free to adjust it to your own lifestyle!

Have a great first day of school!

– k.

p.s The college edition will be posted soon!


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