How To: Beachy Waves with a Straightener


Curling hair as thick as mine with a curling iron only gives me ridiculous volume and untamable curls. I like my curls to be a beachy wave look, and I’ve tried almost every curling methods. I’ve also YouTube many ways to curl hair with a straightener, but they were either too difficult or the curls were way too bouncy. So I created the simplest way that is ultimately foolproof.

I got this straightener at those booths at the mall that drags you to sample only one piece of hair! Anyways, it is called Colorful Seasons Herstyler and it ranges from 180 to 460 degrees.


Before you even start, don’t forget the heat protecting serum! I honestly curl my hair in random pieces and section because it gives me that messy curl I want. Then I twist it according to which direction I want the curls to face. I normally like the front section to be facing out, and everything else is random in every way possible.

IMG_4588  IMG_4574

After the first twist, then I continue to twist the straightener until it reaches the tip, by then you end up with loose curls like this.

IMG_4582   IMG_4597

Ta-da! The curls end up looking something like this. My whole lock of hair probably took me about 15 minutes total, which is really fast if you’ve seen my bundle of hair. I really hope this helps, and the instructions are somewhat easy-to-follow. Please leave any comments or let me know what you think about this curling method because I’d love to read about it!

I hope your day is as bouncy as your curls(:



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