Makeup for Long Flights

Deciding the essentials of what makeup to bring on your flight and what to leave behind in your check-in luggage is a hard sacrifice for any girl like me. I started to take notice the colors and which make up I use for daily routine to narrow down my choices. On a side note, these are real pictures taken during my 15-hour flight.


Let’s start off with the face. I absolutely love all travel sized things, especially when it comes to makeup since liquid content is strictly enforced. I recently got the Benefit Watt’s Up! highlighting tool along with They’re Real mascara from Sephora’s birthday gift and I am in love with both items. I’ll start with the Watt’s Up! highlighter that is located on the left of the picture. First of all, how can you not be in love with the size? Secondly, I love the application and the sun-kissed effect it gives without making my skin oily, so this is a must-have for the summer season.

Next to it, I bought the Benefit kit that includes the Stay Don’t Stray, the Pore Professional, and “that gal.” I forgot to include the Pore Professional in the picture. Stay Don’t Stray is a primer for eyeshadows and concealer, the Pore Professional is a light cream that minimizes the appearance or pores, and “that gal” is a brightening face primer. The last primer on the right is the bareMineral Prime Time foundation primer that came with my sample-sized powder.


Concealers are a must when it comes to weird sleeping schedules and staring at a screen for hours on the plane. I normally use Time Balm in light/ medium, it does the job and it last an extremely long time.


I love using brown color tones for my eyeshadows because of my skin tone. Also, I don’t want to arrive with heavy makeup after such a long flight. Here, I have L’Oreal 24hr Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronze Taupe and Continuous Cocoa. I love how it stays on very well and there’s a variety of looks you can create. The one in the middle is my long-time MAC eyeshadow in Carbon. I use it as an eyeliner or to create an intensed smokey eye look.


Eyeliners are a must to my daily routine. I carry around the L’Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner in Black and Brown. It is a decent size and applies on fairly well. However, I’m not fully satisfied at how it smears a little for my bottom liner. IMG_4114 

I was lucky enough to get a sample size of the bareMineral face powder when I bought an item online from Sephora many years ago. It included the primer (as shown earlier), powder and a petite brush, this became my perfect touch up tool. Next to it is probably my all-time favorite blush. It is the Tokidoki blush in Siberia. It has a two-toned tan and soft pink that gives me highlight and complements my skin tone.


I thought this item deserves its’ own picture, it is the Benefit They’re Real mascara that came with the Watt’s Up! gift set I mentioned earlier. It really does make me look like I’m wearing fake eyelashes, so I love it for both day and night looks.


The final thing I apply is my lipstick. I have an obsession with lipsticks, but I really tried to keep this trip to a minimal. My classic favorite is the Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, which I can layer it on or apply it alone. In the middle is the Tarte LipSurgence in peaceful. To be honest, it doesn’t make much of a difference on me but it gives it a settle nude look. Lastly, I have my new addition, Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Tulle Brown. This has become one of my new favorite, it has a tan brown color that is great for an everyday look without calling for too much attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pop of color for my everyday look as well, but each color can give me different emotions depending on my day and weather I suppose.
This wraps it up for my makeup supply for this flight, but it remains pretty consistent with my other trips and my daily bag. These are just the things I wear on a normal basis, so try adjusting this to what you find yourself gravitating towards to everyday.
Hope everyone have a happy & safe flight!
– k.
p.s I rarely fly flights under 10 hours now, so if you want to know how I survive through them, comment below and let me know!

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