DIY Decorate Your Clutch for Under $7

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Since finals are over, I finally had some time to do my DIY projects. I thought it would be a great way to start my summer off with this flashy black clutch with some pyramid studs. The instructions are extremely simple, but the price of the total project even took me by surprise.

I bought the black leather clutch from Thailand for about $2 and I got the pyramid studs from Amazon for $1.44 and shipping was probably around $2-3. So technically, the price without shipping is less than $5! Alright, let’s begin!

1. I started off with estimating the measurements of each side and placing the tape at what I thought was the middle. If you want to get accurate, you may use a ruler, but I like the rugged unevenness of this. Also, it would be smart to use a masking tape, but I didn’t have any and I was not willing to buy some just for this project, so regular tape did the job.

2. The studs have sharp ends, so I poked it through the leather and bended the tips to secure it. Surprisingly, that did the job and no other tools were needed.

3. The design is completely up to you, but I just went with the simple vertical 3 rows studded look.

4. After I finished the first row, I used tape to align my second row. And then the process continues until your piece is complete!

Warning! The studs don’t always go through straight, so you would want to get it as precise as possible. If you want it really straight, tape everything for measurement! If you look carefully, the studs in the middle are not very aligned, but it adds character so I don’t mind.

Caution! Your nails will most likely be messed up as well! So, don’t go getting a manicure before the project. Consider yourself warned!

Happy project!


– k.


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