GIVEAWAY! FRAME Denim Leather Shorts


DSC_1721DSC_1706 DSC_1795If you don’t know yet, I have moved to my own domain name I am hosting a GIVEAWAY for this FRAME denim leather shorts, and you can win too! You just have to follow the instructions on my other blog. It’s quick, simple, and easy and you can win them just like that! I only have size 26 because I hunted this baby down at a local thrift store in perfect conditions. I thought they would fit, but since they don’t, I decided to find a new home for it instead of returning them. I will extend the giveaway for one more week, so my longtime followers on this blog can win as well! So head on over and enter to win now! 






I’ve Moved! I’m excited to say that I have moved to my own domain name and a different website. I couldn’t have taken this leap without all of the support from here, so for that I cannot say Thank You enough! I was always scared to start a blog because I didn’t know what people would think of me. I was scared of the possibility of reading judgmental or hateful comments, and it’s always hard to open up myself to the world. Thank you for letting this blog be my creative escape.

I wish I could transfer my followers to there, but since I can’t, please continue to support me through my journey at It’s sooo pretty and I’m excited for the endless possibilities. I promise to continue to post regularly, and exciting things are to come!

Find your new road.


– kritsida.


Something Shiny 

DSC_8455 copyDSC_8459 copyDSC_8470 copyDSC_8478 copyDSC_8496 copyDSC_8499 copy

Zara top and shoes, thrifted leather shorts, H&M necklace

I’m starting to see a lot of metallic and gold items in stores, and I cannot be more excited! I am constantly exploring ways to pair fun shoes in a casual setting. I would say I am quite a basic girl with a couple of unique pieces. The reasons why I don’t own too many statement items are because they either go out of season or you don’t want to be photographed wearing the same thing in every picture. There are ways you can wear it differently, but it’s something I’m constantly experimenting with. 

Let me know what are some of your favorite statement pieces that you wear all the time! 


– kritsida.


Not So See-Through, See-Through Look

DSC_8253 copyDSC_8261 copyDSC_8269 copyDSC_8283 copy

(Buffalo Exchange top and sunglasses, H&M pants, Sugarcloth bra, Schutz shoes

Wearing a lace sexy bra/ bralette feels amazing, so why not show it off? One thing I love pairing it with is a sheer top like this one. If you want to be a bit more conservative, I would pick a top with prints or stripes paired with a high-waisted jeans so it’s not as see-through. This Spring/Summer season will be great to stock up on sheer tops.


– kritsida.

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Stripes + Gold

DSC_8142 copyDSC_8144 copyDSC_8149 copyDSC_8150 copyDSC_8164 copy

(H&M blazer, jeans, and boots, Banana Republic top (similar one here), American Apparel belt, Coordinates bracelet)

Can stripes be a color? What I love pairing stripes with the most is gold. I do wear my gold watch and bracelet all the time, and it goes with everything, but I think it gives an extra pop when it’s paired with any striped outfit.

Cheers to more black & white!


– kritsida.


Rocker Babe

DSC_8055 copyDSC_8046 copyDSC_8044 copyDSC_8048 copyDSC_8072 copy

(Brandy Melville top, Express leggings, Thrifted booties)

I was surprised when I found these booties at a thrift store for $13, but that wasn’t all, the store had a 50% off sale on shoes! I’ve been looking for a new pair of everyday boots and I was glad I ran into these babes.The gold tip and buckle gives it a fun and fresh look. Finding a steal like this reminds me you don’t always have to overspend on anything.


– kritsida.


Hello Spring!

DSC_7946 copyDSC_7951 copyDSC_7954 copyDSC_7957 copyDSC_7958 copyDSC_7968

(Topshop dress, Schutz boots, Zara hat, Kate Spade purse)

Spring is here and I managed to snatch this dress on sale at Topshop. It’s the perfect dress for a lazy midweek like today. Top it off with a hat for that 3rd day hair day and some booties and you’re good to go! I’m so excited for the effortless Spring days ahead.

P.S. You also get a student discount at Topshop if you show them your ID!

Photography by: Deasy Noel


– kritsida.


Gift Ideas: Shadow Box Bank

IMG_9504 copy

Happy Valentine’s Day! This may be a little late to make as a Valentine’s day gift, or not, or you can make it for other occasions as well. I made this for my boyfriend because he has never really traveled and he never had a piggy bank! Here are the steps of how I did this.


Shadow Box: Target $19.99

(Hopefully you can find a more inexpensive alternative elsewhere)


This was my first time using a drill! I still need to sand the edges.IMG_9499

I made this on Photoshop with the clipping mask tool. You can use this tool for objects or for type. If you don’t have Photoshop on your computer, you can probably borrow the school’s computer or use Microsoft Word.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment! Or let me know how you recreate your version!


– kritsida.


Half Bunning It

IMG_9456IMG_9464 IMG_9459

(American Apparel clogs, Thailand jeans, Goodwill cardigan, thrifted sunglasses and top)

The sun is shining in more hours of the day now, which makes me lean towards lighter colors instead of my usual blacks. I’m totally into the preppy casual look. I love button-ups, but I can’t wear it religiously. So of course, I pair it with loose cardigans that apparently have holes in them. Luckily, my work has a very casual environment so they’re cool with it (or I think). I’m excited for what this Spring will bring, but I’m definitely sick of this heat already!


– kritsida